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Here are some of the books on photography that I really enjoyed and that helped me understand the nuances and complexities of this great art. The books on this page are textbooks by various CRITICS and AUTHORS. Full disclosure - I am an Amazon Associate and will receive small commissions if you follow the Amazon links and buy any of these books. Any commissions will be donated to charity and the list hasn’t been produced to earn money - I genuinely rate highly, all the books mentioned. (In some cases, I have included my own reading notes, for my records - apologies for the almost indecipherable scrawl, if you choose to read them!). Click the images for more information.

The pleasures of Good Photographs - Gerry Badger
Photography A Very Short Introduction - Steven Edwards
Street Photography Now - Sophie Howarth Stephen McLare
Inverted Odysseys - Shelley Rice
The Mind's Eye - Henri Cartier-Bresson
How You Look At It - Thomas Weski
Between the Eyes - David Levi Strauss
Photoshow: Landmark Exhibitions - Alessandra Mauro
The Photograph as Contemporary Art - Charlotte Cotton
Photography: A Critical Introduction - Liz Wells
On Photography - Susan Sontag
Ways of Seeing - John Berger
Fifty Key Writers on Photography - Mark Durden
Photography Today - Mark Durden
New Documents, 1967 - Sarah Hermanson Meister
Photography Changes Everything - Marvin Heiferman
Art Photography Now - Susan Bright
Looking at Photographs - John Szarkowski
The Photographer's Eye - John Szarkowski
Mirrors and Windows - John Szarkowski
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