Paul Greenfield MFA, ARPS

MFA Submission

Description of the Master of Fine Arts program (from the Ulster University website)
At the Belfast School of Art, we strive to develop unique photographic voices, which sit firmly at the cutting-edge of a contemporary international context, while also mining the specifics of our unique geographical and cultural position.
We have been profiled by the British Journal of Photography as one of the most significant photography schools in Europe. Our graduates work internationally between the book, galleries, web, and magazines, continually challenging photography’s place within contemporary society and the way we photograph now.
The teaching team is comprised of contemporary practicing photographers, writers, and thinkers who exhibit and publish internationally. These are Professor Paul Seawright, Ailbhe Greaney, Dr. KayLynn Deveney, Ken Grant, and Clare Gallagher as well as two members of the prestigious Magnum agency, Martin Parr and Donovan Wylie. We have a program of Guest Lecturers, recently including Hannah Starkey, Guy Martin, and Donald Weber. Throughout the program, students develop an awareness of photography as it exists in a culture of evolving technologies. They are challenged to rethink their practice both visually, theoretically, and contextually. Our close links with photographic galleries and photography festivals help students to build networks and professional practice. The program is complemented by a series of masterclasses and advanced skill workshops; an annual field trip to Paris and regular site visits to a variety of cultural institutions such as museums and galleries in Ireland, the UK, and Europe
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