Paul Greenfield MFA, ARPS

Eugene Smith (1918 - 1978)

The Battle of Iwo Jima 1945

"The story of the poisoning of a city, and of the people who choose to carry the burden of courage"-

Drugs and alcohol - worked for Life - one of the great photojournalists to expose industrial pollution

William Eugene Smith was an American photojournalist. He has been described as "perhaps the single most important American photographer in the development of the editorial photo essay." His major photo essays include World War II photographs, the dedication of an American country doctor and a nurse midwife, the clinic of Dr Schweitzer in French Equatorial Africa, the city of Pittsburgh, and the pollution which damaged the health of the residents of Minamata in Japan. His 1948 series, Country Doctor, photographed for Life magazine is now recognized as "the first extended editorial photo story".
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