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Andreas Weinand (1958)

Andreas Weinand was born in 1958 in the Rheine region of Germany, and is now based in Berlin. 
He studied photography at the University GHS Essen (Folkwang), graduating in 1990 and his photography is primarily engaged with research concerning personal identities and the exploration of relationships between the individual presenting his/her personality and the society to which he/she engages with. Between 1985 to 1995 he concentrated on three projects: Deutsche Volksfeste, Colossal Youth and Reflecting Oneself. Weinand’s work has been exhibited extensively including exhibitions in Denmark, Belgium, Canada, Russia, Italy and Germany and represented in numerous public collections. Three book of his images have been published The Good Earth, Colossal Youth and Stadt Land Mensch.
Straight Photography with a personal view

Since the early 80's I have developed my artistic documentary photography in tension between commissioned and independent productions in the contexts of media and art. My work is connected to the question of the individuality of a human being. It explores the relationship between the individual presenting his / her personality and the society to which he / she presents it.

Method of working
My photography primarily intends to translate an individual impulse on life into images. Working with photography's ability to document, I transform views and impressions which I perceive into single photographs that aim to reflect on universal human experiences through a sequenced accumulation. The significance of each image is the result of a long-term working process. During these periods of intensive artistic research and reflection I make myself sensitive to the atmosphere characteristic of each subject.

Sequence as IMAGE
The successive combination of single pictures reveals the understanding of the IMAGE as a singular object within a sequenced, fragmented combination of photographs conveying a more complex understanding of reality. The panoramic presentation becomes the IMAGE. About my photography .I. SEEING AND BELIEVING
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